1st-art-gallery.com review

David ~

The 71 inch square reproduction of Gustav Klimt's THE KISS arrived
ahead of schedule, and, I gave it to my wife earlier than I had planned.
She (and I) are VERY happy with the end result.

The size allowed us to compare the details to the pictures of the
painting we had . . . and the accuracy of the piece your team created is

We are very pleased.

I should add in this comment what you might recall from our email
exchange. I first contacted you, David, over two years ago. In fact,
you replied on 9/27/2004. I waited on several things and then, of
course, just recently ordered. In those two years I infrequently
followed the testimonials listed on your webpage. Your customers don't
lie - and we now "testify" - the completed work you sent us is

Attached are a couple of "unveiling" pictures - I'll send you a picture
of it when it's framed and on the wall.

Feel free to share my comments with your other customers.

~ marty michelson & robyn riley