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La Promenade

Claude Oscar Monet

La Promenade - Claude Oscar Monet -

Title:La Promenade
Painted by:Claude Oscar Monet

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Love it. Its my favorite of this artist.

Posted by Stephanie on 10.November 2008, 17:45

just wanted to say hi and that this is nice :D
Posted by stephanie on 24.August 2009, 00:52

definately one of my favourites from monet

Posted by Hannah on 22.February 2010, 20:12

this is a good praning

Posted by tyler on 11.March 2010, 22:48

This is the best i found on the internet
Posted by Ursula on 9.November 2010, 20:01

Lost for second best painting after Starry Night. I definitely want to own a copy once I own my own place.
Posted by FollowTheSun on 28.January 2011, 07:55

Wow, this painting is gorgeous! It's probably in mt top 10! (:
Posted by Heaven on 9.February 2011, 21:58

wow...just wow. Such a brilliant depiction of untarnished beauty...

Posted by Ritambhara on 7.December 2011, 03:37

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