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Self Portrait With A Beret

Claude Oscar Monet

Self Portrait With A Beret - Claude Oscar Monet -

Title:Self Portrait With A Beret
Painted by:Claude Oscar Monet
Dimensions:18.11 inch wide x 22.05 inch high

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i think it was a good painting but also very dull it doesent look like hes happy!
self portrate
Posted by louise brooks on 28.April 2009, 09:08

i like these pictures but they are giving me the chills!
not fun stuff!
Posted by malikye on 23.April 2010, 13:16

when people say this painting is dull and chilly who knows what claude would of been thinking in that time. one thing we will never know. and half the people that are commenting cant even paint so cut him some slack...

Posted by me on 23.October 2010, 19:29

I love this panting! I find there is mistery and sadness in it. I love how he did his 2ed plan with blue and his 3rd plan with white; and how he mixed them together. It creates a feeling of calm and sadness. I also like how he doesnt have an intresting background; how he has a beard so all of the focuse is on his eyes. He already new that and thats how he protraded his feelings...through his eyes.

Posted by Keara on 16.December 2010, 17:34

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